A. Deadlift @ 5reps 4set

B1.Single leg hipbridge with single arm chest press @ 31×1 4-5reps 3set

B2. 6-8 Heavy LB swings 3 set

In teams of 3


Timecap 20min

Collect as many meters running as possible:

Every 200m the team performs 15 FLR burpees

*team must run toghether but can divide burpees as they want.
* score is total meters in 20min


Timecap 20min

Collect as many meters rowing as possible

Team members rows 250m each, before next person can start rowing team must perform 15 burpees

* Divide burpees as you want in the team
* In order for the meters on the rower to count one team member must
be in a plank hold postion


Hip separation is important for mechanics in sprinting as well as movements like the split jerk. One way I’ll help challenge and improve positions as well as strength is a single arm/leg floor press with a bridge. Not only does it get the glutes going which most people need for improving athleticism, but it also trains your opposite hip flexor to be stronger. Make no mistake, a STRONG hip flexor is important for performance, NOT a tight hip flexor. If you think your hip flexors are tight, you’re probably wrong and need more core work. In many cases a strong hip flexor can help make your opposite glute work better. I simply added in the unilateral DB floor press because one, who doesn’t want to press more weight, and two, it adds a transverse plane element to the exercise which is seriously lacking in most programs. Throw this in for 6-8 reps for 3-4 sets as accessory work at the end of your training and watch your fitness grow ?? #bannwagon @opexfitness #opexfit #iamopex @combatstrengthtraining

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