A1. Standing shoulderpress with bar @ 21×1 6-8reps 4set

A2. Pull up 31×1 4-5reps / Pull up with isometric hold @ 31A1 4-5reps 4set

A3. Single leg hipbridge with single arm chest press @ 31×1 4-5reps 4set

AMRAP 10min
4 Manmakers
6 Alt KB clean and jerk (3+3)
8 Piston rows (4+4)

Hip separation is important for mechanics in sprinting as well as movements like the split jerk. One way I’ll help challenge and improve positions as well as strength is a single arm/leg floor press with a bridge. Not only does it get the glutes going which most people need for improving athleticism, but it also trains your opposite hip flexor to be stronger. Make no mistake, a STRONG hip flexor is important for performance, NOT a tight hip flexor. If you think your hip flexors are tight, you’re probably wrong and need more core work. In many cases a strong hip flexor can help make your opposite glute work better. I simply added in the unilateral DB floor press because one, who doesn’t want to press more weight, and two, it adds a transverse plane element to the exercise which is seriously lacking in most programs. Throw this in for 6-8 reps for 3-4 sets as accessory work at the end of your training and watch your fitness grow ?? #bannwagon @opexfitness #opexfit #iamopex @combatstrengthtraining

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