A. Front squat @ 20×1 6-8 reps 4 set

B1. Finnen 3-4reps 3set
B2. Renegade row 6-8reps/arm 3set

C. AMRAP 8min
2 inch worms
10 air squats
4 Push ups @ 40×0
10 alt 1h KB swings (5+5)

Challange of the week
During the week accumelate 500cal AB/AD/row/Ski-erg

*These cals can be collected at any time during the week but needs to be accumelated atleast 30 at the time to complete the challange. Do it in one go or spread them out during the the week, you decide=) Work should be aerobic and can be done EG. as an extra warm up, cool down or some extra work on a uppsamlingsdag