A1. RDL with bar@ 30×1 6-8reps 3set

A2. Close grip benchpress @ 30×1 5reps 3set


EMOM 18min

Smells like team spirit 2.0

EVERY minute the team performs work accordingly

P1. ”Buy in” 8 burpees then AMMAP on the rower until
60 sec

P2. Plank hold

P3. rest

As soon as next minute starts P2 dose 10 platethrusters + AMMAP row

P3. plank hold

P1. rests

And so on

Score is totalt meters on the rower after 18 minutes

Marklyft och Bänkpress – in och boka pass! 🙂 Hur många meter får ni ihop på roddmaskinen?!