In teams of two – one work/one rests:
6-7 sets of:
500m row/skierg


6-7 sets of:
40 cal @ AD / 25 cal @ AB

If solo rest = worktime

Project Bulletproof

A1.Goblet box squat 4-6reps 3set

A2. Tall kneeling pallofpress @ 3131 4-5reps/side 3 set

A3. Single leg bent over row with rubber band @31×1 4-5/side reps 3 set


Project bulletproof continues with new exercises!

Take the opportunity to not only stay ahead of injuries but also get stronger in the process!

All strength gains is built on the foundation of structural balance and with project bulletproof we are providing an extra chance to work on the details that will make the difference!

The movements are done in low load and low volume so that it wont interfere with your regular training and can easily be done before you jump on the rower or assaultbike.

So give it a go and don’t hesitate to ask the trainer crew for help if your trying the movements for the first time!

PS. Crossfit OPEN 16.1 starts 12.00 today @ CFUA join the fun and compete or come and cheer for your buddies =)!