A. Frontsquat @ 30×1 4-6reps 4set

B1. Hipthruster @ 31×1 6-8reps 3set
*Use KB or plate if possilbe

B2. Pistonrows 6-8reps/arm 3set

C. AMRAP 9min
4 Manmakers
6 Uneven push ups (3+3)
8 Situps
15 sec hold in bottom position of a gobletsquat

*Use a KB when you do the uneven push ups and alternate from side to side.

Skill of the week – Double unders / singel unders
Spend 10 minutes practise the movement, try to get the feel for
DU, try not to flick your legs backwards but instead keep you legs straight and
”bounce” on the ball of the foot