”Grace”, scaled to 40 kg
Clean + push press, 30 (3 x 10)
Time: 4.22 min

Not that hard but good ”clean”-practice. I surtainly needed that, but I´m thinking 50 kg next time. Couldn´t do jerks because there was too little space, not that I needed to with only 40 kg.

Sw+MMA, 2.5 h

3 rounds of
Thrusters, 40 kg, 15
Pull ups, 15
Dead lift, 100 kg, 15
HSPU, ca 10 cm above ground, 15 (last round totally messed up and subbed with static handstand (10 s/HSPU), shoulder press (40 kg) and lastly push press (40 kg)
Time: 24.11

I was disappointed after this one, mainly because my HSPUs really suck, but I noticed something encouraging. This was ”Fran” and ”Diane” put together, but the total time for this one was better than the total when I did those two separately (8.45+16.22).
Today: 10 k rowing, I´m not running in this weather.

Row, 5 k
Time: 20.17
Shoulder press, 40 kg, 30 (10 x 1, 5 x 4)
Static handstand, 15-40 sec x 5

There´s a lot of reasons why I didn´t do the full 10 k, but first and foremost: OMG THAT WAS BORING! Decided to call it quits after 4.5 k and at least try to beat my last 5 k-time, and I did with a few seconds. Not much, but what the hell. The handstands was just as long as I could hold my balance.