1h-swing, 24 kg kb, 3 x 15/15
OHS, barbell, 3 x 10
OHS 40 kg, 7 x 1
Clean 40 kg, 1 x 7

The heaviest OHS I´ve done. Now I have no excuse of not doing them…damn. Planned to do 60 kg cleans but it was still sore from yesterday, it was just 8 h rest between the workouts.

Wu: Row, 1k
”Nasty girls”…subbed
3 rounds of
Squats 50
Pullups 28, Ringdips 7
Hang powerclean, 50 kg, 10
Time: 18.53 min

Wu: Row, 2k+some OHS, Pushpresses, Snatches with barbell
Shoulder press, 60kg (failx2)+55, 57.5, 60 (fail)
Back squat, 90kg, 100
Deadlift, 90kgx3, 120×2, 150, 157.5 (fail), 157.5, 160 (fail)
Total: 315
OHS, 40 kg, 4 x 5
Clean, 60 kg, 5 x 1
Front squat, 60 kg, 4 x 5

Was so surprised that I didn´t make 60 kg SP, that I did the BS in between to boost the confidence (100 kg is a big improvement since last time). 57.5 kg felt fairly easy but 60 kg was impossible…strange. Did a few wu-lifts before going for the heavy deadlifts. Could´ve probably made 160 kg DL if not for the nasty blister I got on my left hand this friday. Btw I did PR on all three and of course also a new total PR (2008-01-02: 270)! I will read the official rules until next time, because I´m obviously cheating.
Did some more work afterwards, my cleans where so horrible that I decided to do front squats instead.

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Result: 22 rounds, PR!

MMA, 1.5 h