”Nancy”…kind of
Five rounds of
Row, 500 m
OH-squat, 30 kg, 15
Time: 22 min

Did the 2500 m in 10 min so I don´t think I could´ve done that much faster. It´s my first time trying 30 kg OH-squat. Did 3 x 5 but the last round I got the technique right so I did that one unbroken. I pretty happy since I predicted 4 min / round.

Deadlift x 7
140-145-147,5-150-150-150-152,5 kg (PR 4 times!)
MMA, 1 h

Very pleased with the deadlifts, especially since I´m a bit sore in my right shoulder from the OH-squats yesterday. Next CFT I´ll try 155 kg, but I don´t think I should try to lift heavier until then.

As many rounds as possible in 20 min of
5 HSPU (reduced height ca 10 cm)
10 L-pullups
15 steps, walking lounge
Total: 8 rounds + 5 HSPU

The L-pullups where harder than expected. The HSPU´s is a project in progress. MMA later today, but I really need to rest tomorrow.

MMA, 1.5 h

Row, 4 x 400m, 2 min rest between rounds
Time: ca 12 min
SW, 1.5 h

The fastest 400m was 1.36 / 500m, the slowest 1.49 / 500m.
Was planning to do 4 x 500 m to se if I could do 2 k sub 7 with rest in between. I realized that it would be too tough to wrestle afterwards if I did.