Warmup: Row, 2k
Filthy Fifty aka Chuck Norris, modified
50 boxjumps, ca 50 cm (unbroken)
50 regular pullups (5 x 10)
50 high swing, 16 kg (2 x 25)
50 walking lounge steps (unbroken)
50 knees to elbows (10+10+10+9+6+5…shooting for 5 x 10)
50 push press, 20 kg (2 x 25)
50 good mornings, 20 kg (2 x 25)
50 wallball shots, 4 kg (25+15+10)
50 burpees (5 x 6, 2 x 10)
50 tuck jumps (5 x 10)
Time: 32.37 min

Almost 5 min better than last time 6 weeks ago. The big difference was that I had a wu this time and I paced myself better. After the goodmornings the time was ca 20.30 min. Like last time it really slowed down during the burpees but I sucked it up pretty good during the tuck jumps. Next time I´ll try to press the lounge steps, good mornings and wallball shots.

Row, 5k
Time: 20.20 min
Some work with 40 kg barbell:
Cleans, 4 x 5
Press, 1 x 10, 2 x 5

First time rowing 5 k and I aimed for between 20-21 min. I did the last km a bit faster (ca 3.50) than the first 4 ( ca 4.07 / km). Next time I´ll definitely do better, maybe under 20 min.

Max rep of benchpress, bw (75kg), and pullups for 5 rounds
Total: 24+78=102

The first round went bad, probably because I didn´t warm up (I should always do CFWU or 2 k rowing). Then I tried to pace myself (I know I´m supposed to do max reps) to avoid unpleasant surprises with the barbell. It feels like I waste alot of energy readjusting and not being able to ”kip” properly since I´m slipping on the metal bar. Btw, I didn´t go straight to the pu-bar (if someone thinks I did a lot of pullups).

Wu, Swings 24 kg kb, 4 x 25
SW, 1h

It was a long time since I used a kb for warmup, really felt it in my arms. Will continue with this to improve my grip (since I´m complaining about it when I do pullups).