”Michael”, modified
3 rounds of
Row, 1k
Good mornings with barbell, 50
Situps, full with anchored feet, 50
Time: 25.11 min

All unbroken, but I really cramped up in my lower back as predicted. First round of rowing 3.40 min and the other two ca 4.10, so I´ll try rowing faster next time.
Btw. If I have to sub, from now on I will always sub each: 400 m Run with 500 m Row, back extensions with GM with barbell and situps (ghd) with anchored situps.

EDIT 2008-02-28: When I sub running 400 m with rowing 500 m it actually makes it easier because I get a lower pulse, so I will stop doing this. 400 m run = 400 m row

Deadlift, 100 kg
HSPU with reduced height (ca 10 cm)
Time: 16.22 min

21-15-9 of
Thrusters, 40 kg
Time: 8.45 min

…instead of Elizabeth. Thrusters, 1st: 14-5-2, 2nd: 5-5-5, 3rd: 3-3-3. Pu, 1st: 7-7-7, 2nd: 8-7, 3rd: 5-4.
Tried to do the thrusters unbroken the first round, but that was a mistake. Bleh! Well, next time I´ll at least try to do sub 8 min.

MMA, 1.5 h
Pullups, 1st min – 1, 2nd – 2 and so on…
Result: 12 min + 8
(tired after training…last time 13 min + 5, total 96 pu)