5-5-5-5-5 Power Clean: 60kg, 65kg, 70kg, 70kg, 70kg

10×2 Kettlebell Press med 32kg

21-15-9 på tid av Pullups, Burpees (Crossfit games standard: bröst, mage och ben i botten, klapp i luften över huvudet i toppen): 5:26.

Så här skriver Greg Everett, en man som man gör klokt att lyssna på (så länge det inte handlar om split snatches – det verkar ju livsfarligt!), angående Burpees i Performance Menu #39:

The burpee is easily one of the most heinous exercises ever created and has wonderful punitive potential.

Much of the effect is due to the speed of its execution, and this being the case, burpees can be performed without necessarily hitting a perfect squat between the push-up and jump—that is, if the athlete is able, a more direct transition between the two points is desirable. If a stricter performance is needed, calling the exercises an 8-count is more appropriate as this indicates all eight positions need to be hit.

Irrespective of what happens in the middle, the requirements of the end points shouldn’t change. The jump should be performed with the arms reaching straight overhead and the body fully extended, and the push-up should be performed with a straight body and the chest all the way to the floor.

Klart i linje av Crossfits Burpee-standard (enl. Crossfit Games 2008) alltså. Läs förresten Performance Menu – i en tid när Crossfit journal helt har ballat ur och blivit ett virrvarr av irrelevanta armeartiklar och videofilmer om videofilmande är PM bättre än någonsin.