These are the events for the Scandinavian Challenge competition. Note that the specific event starting times have changed!


Event 1

Intro for this event will be held 08:50 and the first heat will start at 09:00.

For time –
1 km run carrying a kettlebell. Mens weight 16 kg- women 12kg.

The athlete has to hold on to the kettlebell with at least one hand at all times.
Athletes are allowed to wear gloves and use chalk.
Fastest to negotiate the course carrying the kettlebell wins.


Event 2

Intro for this event will be held at 12:50 and the first heat will start at 13:00.

For time:
50 double unders
30 clean and jerk (overhead anyhow) men 60kg women 40kg
50 double unders

Two full revolutions are required in each double under.
The clean and jerks begin with both weight plates touching the ground
The clean and jerk end when the athete is standing up completely with fully extended knees, hips and elbows.
The athletes ears need to be fully visible from the side, in the top position, for the rep to be counted.
Athletes are not allowed to drop the weight from the top position.
Hands must be in touch with the bar at all times during the execution of a repetition


Event 3

Intro for this event will be held at 15:50 and the first heat will start at 16:00.

Tabata row for distance.

20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest for a total of 4 minutes.
The athlete who accumulates the most meters within the tabata interval wins. Only meters during the work-phase is counted.



Event 1

Within a 4 min timeframe work up to your 1 rep max deadlift. A signal will sound and you then have a 4 min timeframe to perform as many air squats as possible. The score of this event will be the heaviest deadlift in kilos, added to the number of squats performed within the 4 min timeframe.

The lift begins with the weight plates on the ground.
In the top position the athletes hips and torso are fully extened.
Athletes are allowed to drop the weight.
Athletes will be required to load the bar themselves.
There is no rest between the deadlift timeframe and the air squat timeframe.
The air squat begins with the athlete having fully extended knees and hips.
In the bottom position of the squat the crease of the hip is below the top of the knee.
At the top of the sqat the knees and hips are fully extended.



3 male and 3 female athletes will qualify for the final, which will be presented to the athletes on 10 min before the actual final!


The event will be scored in the following way.
The athlete who wins an event will recieve 1 point, the athlete who finishes second will recieve 2 points and so on. Should two athletes recieve the same score on an event, they will then recieve the same points, and he athlete who finishes immediately after will recieve the points for his position. I.e
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and so on!

The 3 men and women with the lowest score after all 4 events, will proceed to the finals! In the finals all athletes will begin with 0 points- no points from previous efforts will be carried into the final. The winner of the final is he overall winner. There will be one male and one female winner!

All unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished with immediate disqualification from the event!