A1. Ring pull up / ringrow @ 30×1 4-8reps 5set

*use weight in the ring pulls ups if you can or do a longer excentric phase
ex: 50×1 in the ring row

A2. Alt. back ward lunge w. barbell on back 5reps/leg 5set

*A2 build to per set, so start easy and make the last set challenging

B. In teams of 2

10-15cal row/AB/AD/Ski erg or 200m running

P2. Suitcase hold w. heavy KB

P1 dose 10-15cal on machine of choice or run 200m P2 must hold suitcase hold for the reps to count,
make sure to alternate arm in each round in the holding position.
Score is total cals/meters after 12min

Keep it simple! Pullups – drag i sin finaste form, blandat med enbenta benövningar som är KLOCKRENT för att bygga smart styrka i såväl bål som ben! Ro eller Spring för glada livet i avslutningen! 🙂